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The Year 1919 Essay -- American History, Woodrow Wilson

What makes a year exceptional? What makes a year vital? It’s the things that individuals recollected in the year. 1919 in American was where individuals were settling down. The World War One simply finished, the World Series was fixed, there was a flu scourge, there was a president attempting to make harmony with different nations, and individuals wore brilliantly shaded apparel. The America in 1919, Had a president who was truly centered around harmony for the United States. The President was Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president. After the war was pronounced over Wilson went to Paris get harmony for the nation. In Paris he made The League of Nations. Here he likewise helped Shape the bargain of Versailles. For his push to shape The League of Nations, he was granted the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919 (Gordon). Unmistakably Wilson’s thoughts for harmony were regarded by the world. While Wilson was known for the League of Nations and the arrangement of Versailles, he was additionally known for his Fourteen Points. These were 14 essential thoughts set by Wilson to end World War 1, and set thoughts for world harmony. These administrators were first acquainted with congress, at that point to the League of Nations. Out of these fourteen administrators just 6 were utilized. Point seven â€Å"evacuation of German soldiers from Belgium† (â€Å"President Wilson’s Fourteen Points†). Point eight that stated, a free all French area and these spots must be reestablished, alongside France being liberated In the matter of Alsace-Lorraine. The following point that was placed into impact was that individuals of Austria-Hungary ought to be permitted the freest chance. They additionally put point eleven into utilization. This point stated, â€Å"Rumania, Serbia, and Montenegro ought to be emptied; involved regions reestablished; Serbia concurred free and se cure ...’s drawers cost $o.90(Derks 134), a men’s suit was $33.00(Derks 142). Finding a house in a decent neighborhood was imperative to certain individuals similarly as it is today. A house in a decent neighborhood would cost around $4,200(Derks 142). A bedding was a need, in those days it would cost around $20.00(Derks 137). Magazines were a decent path for individuals to get news or find new things. To purchase only one duplicate of the magazine it would cost $0.15. A year’s membership for a magazine would cost $1.50(Derks 142). Grain brands were straightforward, a customary box would cost $0.12. A huge box of Cereal would cost $0.30(Derks 137). A phonograph Record cost $1.50(Derks 137). Despite the fact that liquor was illicit to have a gallon of bourbon would cost $3.50(Craven). Milk cost $0.32 for a gallon. The expense of fundamental products was much less then what it would be today. So their average cost for basic items was less.

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NonProfit Management Case Study free essay sample

Presentation The common society has played an extremely dynamic job in the mission for popular government that keeps on spreading over the mainlands till it arrived at the Middle East district as of late. This is clear given the progressive revolts that have occurred in huge numbers of the Arab nations calling for genuine popular government. Along these lines, particularly in Egypt, endeavors ought to be coordinated toward guarding common society associations and activists who are being compromised by the coercive dictator government activities over the previous decades (Naidoo, 2007). The common society as distinguished by Khallaf (2010) includes â€Å"non-legislative associations (NGOs from now on), local gatherings, proficient affiliations, worker's organizations, media associations, explore foundations/think tanks, and support and human rights common society organizations† (p. 2). In any case, the present paper targets concentrating for the most part on the job of NGOs in reinforcing majority rules system. This is because of the significant job NGOs play in a few regions so as to improve majority rules system. Among these are their job in: (1) permitting a more extensive scope of intrigue gatherings to have a ‘voice’, pluralizing foundations to act in a ‘watchdog’ job versus the state, organizing and making unions of municipal entertainers to put pressure on the state, (2) working with grassroots associations involved poor and underestimated gatherings, and (3) applying a few weights on the state by squeezing for change and creating elective arrangements (Mercer, 2002). We will compose a custom exposition test on Not-for-profit Management Case Study or then again any comparative point explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Past Studies of common society in Egypt, in the course of recent years, have been both shallow and bound to just constrained regions, in particular (issue based distributions, scholastic distributions, preparing materials/manuals, indexes, gathering distributions, observational similar investigations, common society organizations’ (CSOs) distributions, benefactor manuals and distributions, CSOs alliances infrequent papers, assessment studies, and online sources) (Khallaf, 2010). (Figure: 1). Figure : The assorted variety of common society look into in Egypt Therefore, progressively point by point studies ought to be coordinated toward profoundly exploring the common society associations working in Egypt. Khallaf (2010) has referenced that more research has been coordinated as of late to follow the genuine size of common society through benefactor endeavors in Egypt. Nonetheless, the writing has highlighted genuine holes in the investigation of NGOs in Egypt. These incorporate; First: Updated factual data on number of NGOs. Second: The deliberate assessment of NGOs exercises. Third: occasional evaluations, for example, the CIVICUS or Civil Society Index and the Philanthropy study. Forward: considering participatory administration and the contribution of common society in dynamic procedures. Fifth: changing Laws and guidelines administering NGOs in Egypt. 6th: An effect appraisal of every single new Ngo working in noble cause or improvement. Seventh: an evaluation of help adequacy to Egypt (Khallaf, 2010). At last: an itemized analysis of the NGOs working in Egypt is required. This should concentrate on both interior and outside examinations of the chose NGOs and give approach proposals to potential enhancements in the segment. The present paper endeavors to draw light on how the common society works in Egypt. A very much perceived Egyptian NGO was chosen in this ethnographic research. It is known as the Future Protectors Association for Care and Development or â€Å"Homat Al-Mostakbal†. The explanation for choosing it is the higher believability and the great notoriety it is getting a charge out of. This is all around saw by the scientist dependent on her own involvement in this affiliation. The flow research can include significant experiences both hypothetically and for all intents and purposes. Hypothetically, it endeavors to cover not many of the holes referenced about the common society look into in creating nations and Egypt specifically. Essentially, proposed proposals can fill in as key motivation for improving the presentation of the chose NGO specifically and the whole NGO part when all is said in done. The present paper is sorted out as follows; the principal area will give itemized data about association’s foundation. This will be trailed by the investigation area which would summarize the significant realities gathered about the affiliation. The investigation depends on subjective inside and out interviewing1 led with five key people in the affiliation including its originator. At long last, ends and proposals are introduced, to control future research headings, at the end part here later. Foundation Future defenders relationship for care and advancement (homat al mostakbal) is one of the notable non-administrative associations in Egypt. It is situated at 425 Avenue Road, Roushdy, Alexandria, Egypt. It is a gathering of youngsters who work in the field of formative work and volunteerism in for a superior future and a genuine renaissance to Egypt. It serves in the incomparable Cairo zone and some different governorates including; Alexandria, Dakahleya, Gharbeya, Menoufeya, and others. It was initially established on the second of Novermber, 2004 by Eng. El-Dreiny and his little girl engineer Marwa El-Dreiny. It was principally established looking for network improvement. The vision of the affiliation is to be one of the biggest common society associations working in the field and driving the regions of advancement, network care, and willful work in Egypt and the Arab world by year 2020. The crucial the affiliation is the turn of events and care of the network through a few measurements including; raising the general degree of instruction and the advancement of creation reasoning, expanding familiarity with medicate taking issues, giving wellbeing mindfulness, raising the social degree of youngsters, and giving an assortment of social administrations. These are to be accomplished while considering the authority of work and pledge to the standards of morals and collaboration participation. The essential goals to satisfy the pre-referenced vision and crucial the accompanying; Providing direction and better using the intensity of potential volunteers in different exercises of the affiliation and building up their aptitudes while fortifying their virtues. Expanding the attention to network individuals about the threats of medications and preparing of units for various age gatherings. Notwithstanding offering specialized help to accomplices and coaches in the field of mindfulness against the threats of dependence and medication. Preparing people group individuals by spreading the creation thinking and helping youth and poor families in setting up little art tasks to gracefully businesses with great items at serious costs. Offering social types of assistance (in kind physical specialized) and the work ventures for poor families, vagrants, almost totally senseless cases. Creating various portions of the general public, particularly youngsters and youngsters both socially and logically. This would qualifies them for get new aptitudes, open their points of view to various lives, and raise the degree of training among the informed classes with point of carrying progress and flourishing to the general public in huge. The significant estimations of the affiliation involve the accompanying; Intentions go before activity Our fundamental standards are our primary need. Understanding the needs and giving a high duty to them. Acing our work. Best utilizing our assets. Our customers are our center intrigue. Cooperation soul. Promise to a protected situation. The affiliation is enrolled under the old NGO law. This qualifies the relationship for be under the investigation and oversight of the Directorate of Social Affairs. Here is the duplicate of the enlistment testament. Figure : Formal Registration Certificate The affiliation attempts as a lot to deal with its institutional memory. This can be showed as reports including data about what occurred previously. Different reports are set up for every action and gathered yearly to be chronicled and archived for every panel. Likewise, there are not many endeavors to record strict workshops and social gatherings either video or sound. In some cases the affiliation enrolls the battles to serve the new individuals by giving them data about the work flavor. These conditional systems are planned for sparing affiliation legacy of information and move it to the people in the future who might finish the mission. The association graph of the affiliation was overhauled as of late. There are expectations to adjust it additionally anyway a few restrictions ruin this at the present time frame. The outline is decayed into the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director, the Chairmen of the different Committees the Vice Chairmen of the different Committees - who are named by the organization as indicated by understanding and position the official administration including Secretary, the budgetary administration. There were regions for advancement and the last refreshed association outline was repeated as of late in 2011. The affiliation was based on prevalently volunteerism in any case; there are 17 conventional representatives who are getting paid month to month. There are for the most part three chiefs; official, money related, and legitimate issues. Staff individuals don't perform covering jobs, rather there is an obviously determined set of working responsibilities for each single job. This would permit the upper administration to apply a severe responsibility techniques dependent on doled out obligations. The affiliation can manage the danger of losing any/all staff member(s). Now and again, the tasks of an exceptionally particular division, which loses a key staff part, can be delayed until the arrangement of a renewed individual. Be that as it may, in the

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Essays free essay sample

In 1514, Sultan Selim I (1512â€1520) effectively extended the Empires southern and eastern outskirts by crushing Shah Ismail I of the Safavid tradition in the Battle of Chaldiran. In 1517, Selim I extended Ottoman principle into Algeria and Egypt, and made a maritime nearness in the Red Sea. In this way, an opposition began between the Ottoman and Portuguese domains to turn into the predominant ocean power in the Indian Ocean, with various maritime fights in the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf. The Portuguese nearness in the Indian Ocean was seen as a risk for the Ottoman imposing business model over the old exchanging courses between East Asia and Western Europe (later by and large named the Silk Road, a term instituted by Ferdinand von Richthofen in 1877. [20][21]) This significant restraining infrastructure was progressively undermined following the revelation of the Cape of Good Hope by Portuguese pioneer Bartolomeu Dias in 1488, which considerably affected the Ottoman economy. Turkey 7 The Ottoman Empires force and renown crested in the sixteenth and seventeenth hundreds of years, especially during the rule of Suleiman the Magnificent. The domain was regularly at chances with the Holy Roman Empire in its consistent development towards Central Europe through the Balkans and the southern piece of the Polish-Lithuanian [] Commonwealth. Wikipedia:Citing sources adrift, the Ottoman Navy battled with a few Holy Leagues (made basically out of Habsburg Spain, the Republic of Genoa, the Republic of Venice, the Knights of St. John, the Papal States, the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Duchy of Savoy) for control of the Mediterranean Sea. In the east, the Ottomans were every so often at war with Safavid Persia over clashes coming from erritorial questions or strict contrasts between the sixteenth and eighteenth hundreds of years. [22] The Selimiye Mosque in Edirne is one of the most renowned structural inheritances of the Ottoman Empire. From the earliest starting point of the nineteenth century onwards, the Ottoman Empire started to decrease. As it bit by bit shrank in size, military influence and riches, numerous Balkan Musl ims relocated to the Empires heartland in Anatolia,[23]Wikipedia:Verifiability[24] alongside the Circassians escaping the Russian success of the Caucasus. The decrease of the Ottoman Empire prompted an ascent in patriot estimation among the different subject people groups, prompting expanded ethnic strains which sporadically burst into savagery, for example, the Hamidian Massacres. The Ottoman Empire entered World War I on the Central Powers and was eventually vanquished. During the war, an expected 1. 5 million Armenians were expelled and eliminated in the Armenian Genocide. [25][26] The Turkish government denies that there was an Armenian Genocide and cases that Armenians were just moved from the eastern combat area. ] Large scope slaughters were likewise dedicated against the domains other minority gatherings, for example, the Greeks and Assyrians. [][][27] Following the Armistice of Mudros on 30 October 1918, the successful Allied Powers looked to segment the Ottoman state through the 1920 Treaty of Sevres. [] Republic of Turkey The control of Constantinople and Smyrna by the Allies in the consequence of World War I incited the fou ndation of the Turkish national development. ] Under the administration of Mustafa Kemal Pasha, a military officer who had separated himself during the Battle of Gallipoli, the Turkish War of Independence was pursued with the point of repudiating the conditions of the Treaty of Sevres. [] By 18 September 1922, the involving armed forces were removed, and the Ankara-based Turkish system, which proclaimed itself the authentic legislature of the nation in April 1920, began to formalize the lawful change from the old Ottoman into the new Republican political framework. On 1 November, the recently established parliament officially nullified the Sultanate, therefore finishing 623 ears of Ottoman guideline. The Treaty of Lausanne of 24 July 1923 prompted the global acknowledgment of the sway of the recently shaped Republic of Turkey as the Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, organizer and first proceeding with condition of the Ottoman Empire, and the republic was formally President of the Republic of T urkey. announced on 29 October 1923 in Ankara, the countrys new capital. [] The Lausanne bargain specified a populace trade among Greece and Turkey, whereby 1. 1 million Greeks left Turkey for Greece in return for 380,000 Muslims moved from Greece to Turkey. ] Turkey Mustafa Kemal turned into the republics first President and in this way presented numerous extreme changes with the point of changing old Ottoman-Turkish state into another mainstream republic. [] With the Surname Law of 1934, the Turkish Parliament offered to Mustafa Kemal the honorific family name Ataturk (Father of the Turks. )[] Turkey stayed nonpartisan during the greater part of World War II, yet entered the war on the Allies on 23 February 1945, as a stately signal. On 26 June 1945, Turkey turned into a contract individual from the United Nations. ] Difficulties looked by Greece after the war in suppressing a socialist insubordination, alongside requests by the Soviet Union for army installations in the Turkish S traits, incited the United States to pronounce the Truman Doctrine in 1947. The convention articulated American aims to ensure the security of Turkey and Greece, and brought about huge scope U. S. military and financial help. [] Both nations were remembered for the Marshall Plan and OEEC for remaking European economies in 1948, and in this way became establishing individuals from the OECD in 1961. 8 Roosevelt, Inonu and Churchill at the Second Cairo Conference which was held between 4â€6 December 1943. Subsequent to taking an interest with the United Nations powers in the Korean War, Turkey joined NATO in 1952, turning into a defense against Soviet venture into the Mediterranean. Following a time of Cypriot intercommunal savagery and the upset in Cyprus on 15 July 1974 arranged by the EOKA B paramilitary association, which ousted President Makarios and introduced the star Enosis (association with Greece) Nikos Sampson as tyrant, Turkey attacked Cyprus on 20 July 1974. ] Nine years after the fact the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is perceived distinctly by Turkey, was built up. [28] The single-party time frame finished in 1945. It was trailed by a turbulent change to multiparty popular government throughout the following barely any decades, which was hindered by military overthrows detat in 1960, 1971, 1980 and 1997. []Wikipedia:Citing sources In 1984, the PKK sta rted an insurrection against the Turkish government, which has asserted more than 40,000 lives;[29] a harmony procedure is as of now continuous. 30][31] Since the advancement of the Turkish economy during the 1980s, the nation has appreciated more grounded financial development and more noteworthy political soundness. [] Politics Turkey is a parliamentary agent popular government. Since its establishment as a republic in 1923, Turkey has built up a solid convention of secularism. [] Turkeys constitution administers the lawful system of the nation. It sets out the fundamental standards of government and sets up Turkey as a unitary incorporated state. The President of the Republic is the head of state and has a generally formal job. The president is chosen for a five-year term by direct decisions. Abdullah Gul was chosen as president on 28 August 2007, by a mainstream parliament round of votes, succeeding Ahmet Necdet Sezer. [32] Executive force is practiced by the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers which make up the legislature, while the authoritative force is vested in the unicameral parliament, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. The legal executive is free of the official and the lawmaking body, and the Constitutional Court is accused of administering on the congruity of laws and announcements with the constitution. The Council of State is the council after all other options have run out for authoritative cases, and the High Court of Appeals for all others. [] Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been chosen multiple times as Prime Minister: In 2002 (with 34% of the well known vote), in 2007 (with 47%) and in 2011 (with 49%). Turkey The PM is chosen by the parliament through a vote of onfidence in the legislature and is regularly the leader of the gathering having the most seats in parliament. The ebb and flow head administrator is the previous civic chairman of Istanbul, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose traditionalist Justice and Development Party won a flat out lion's share of parliamentary seats in the 2002 general races, sorted out in the result of the financial emergency of 2001, with 34% of the testimonial. [33] In the 2007 general decisions, the AKP got 46. 6% of the votes and could protect its dominant part in parliament. 34] Although the pastors don't need to be individuals from the parliament, clergymen with parliament participation are normal in Turkish governmental issues. In 2007, a progression of occasions with respect to state secularism and the job of the legal executive in the council happened. These incorporated the dubious presidential appointment of Abdullah Gul, who in the past had been associated with Islamist parties;[35] and the administrations proposition to lift the headscarf boycott in colleges, which was abrogated by the Constitutional Court, prompting a fine and a close to boycott of the decision party. 36] 9 The Grand National Assembly of Turkey in Ankara during a discourse of U. S. President Barack Obama on 6 April 2009. All inclusive testimonial for both genders has been applied all through Turkey since 1933, and each Turkish resident who has turned 18 years old has the privilege to cast a ballot. Starting at 2004, there were 50 enrolled ideological groups in the nation. [] The Constitutional Court can strip the open financing of ideological groups that it regards against mainstream or dissident, or boycott their reality inside and out. 37][38] There are 550 individuals from parliament who are chosen for a four-year term by a gathering list relative portrayal framework from 85 constituent areas which speak to the 81 regulatory territories of Turkey (Istanbul is separated into three electo

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Types of Information and Main Purposes of an Organisation - Free Essay Example

Report on Types of information and main purposes of an organization. Acknowledgwment My grateful thanks go to my subject teacher Ismat Jahan, Teacher Of Business Communication at BAC. A big contribution and hard worked from you during the twelve week is very great indeed. All projects and assingments during the program would be nothing without the enthusiasm and imagination from you. Besides, this internship program makes me realized the value of working together as a team and as a new experience in working at a corporate environment, which challenges me every minute. Not to forget, great appreciation goes to the rest of ACI Foods and ESP guitar Staff that helped me from time to time during the project. The whole program really brought us together to appreciate the true value of friendship and respect of each other and it was a great pleasure to working with the team. I would also like to thanks my friends especially those who helped me to collect the informations of ESP guitar Limited. Corporate Information In 1975, the UK based multinational musical company, Established a subsidiary in Dhaka, known as ESP Bangladesh Manufactures Limited. It was listed public limited company under Dhaka stock Exchange. In 1993, ESP is the first company in Ba ngladesh to obtain certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management System in 1995. In 1996 the LTD series was created to produce ESP at a moe affordable price .In 2002 ESP was ranked among the music industry fastest growing companies. This is largely due to the fender buyout . The custom shop and original series ESP are handcrafted in japan while the standard series ESP are factory made in Objectives of the study Broad Objective: Understand different types of business information; Be able to present business information effectively; Understand the issues and constraints in relation to the use of business information in organizations. Specific Objective: Types of information, purpose of information, source of information; Presentation methods to meet the needs of the users, output requirements, presenting corporate communication; Legal Issues of business information in organization, operational Issues in organization. Methodology Secondary method Information is being taken from both Internet and Book, but mostly Internet. Limitations of the study It was quite hard to collect the information .Because it was needed to check whether the information is authentic or not, checking books, studying the biography of the organization and a lot many things. Corporate Information In 1975, the UK based multinational musical company, Established a subsidiary in Dhaka, known as ESP Bangladesh Manufactures Limited. It was listed public limited company under Dhaka stock Exchange. In 1993, ESP is the first company in Bangladesh to obtain certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management System in 1995. In 1996 the LTD series was created to produce ESP at a moe affordable price .In 2002 ESP was ranked among the music industry fastest growing companies. This is largely due to the fender buyout . The custom shop and original series ESP are handcrafted in japan while the standard series ESP are factory made in japan. P1: Complete the t able like the one below to show the types, sources and purposes of information used within your selected organization. Try to include at least two examples of each type of information. Organization : ESP guitar Limited Type of information Example Description Purpose Source Verbal Meeting Interview It helps to discuss and taking decisions with all the members of department at a time , at a place. Ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s face to face communication , where the interviewer describes him/herself. It will help to know the current flow of customers thinking about the product and quality they are providing , so , that they can take the upcoming decisions gently. To know the background of the interviewer , instant feedback Customer services department Human Resource department Written Letter Report It is paper where all the things are written in words and numerical giving details about the topic. It is the paper where all the details are provided completely. It helps to get the complete information of the topic. Giving complete details of the records and customers feedback, so it can be easy to catch the problems and understand instantly. Market research Sales department On-screen Advertising Bill boards It is mainly displayed on television even by leaflets too. It provides the new images of a new product giving details about that. It helps the people to know about product provided by the organization. It helps to attract people to buy or think about the product. Customer service Production cost Multimedia Video Audio This helps to show any project arranging it properly and also. Helps to catch it instantly and nicely. Instant feedback by members or employees in the company. Helps to make remember and clear information. Market research Customer service Web-based E-mail Video conferencing This is the way to communicate with the members or employees safely. Instant communicate and immediate feedback . Helps the people to get details by hand authentic information. Helps to collect information authentically. Human resource Government source P2 Data Protection Act : As the world has become more reliant on technology,high-tech secrets,payment card data,employee and customer information,and other personal information.The data should be accurate where necessary and kept up to data. Other relevant legislation computer misuse: Using computer illegally is against the law,employees must not make change in any things regarding computer system.Using softwares inproperly and helping others to collect information outside the organization can pour the company to hot water,changing any part strictly restricted. Freedom of Information: They must provide this information when requested but also keep this information up to date and regulated so that it is accurate. What are ethical issues ? Email and internet: Email and internet are integral parts of typical workers daily routine,many employees are using email and the internet for just business however the problem arise.when employees use business resources for non business related taks,therefore business responding to legal risks by proactively combating problems more employees with internet access and email at work,which gives them a new way to cause potentionl problem for their employees. Organisational policies: Organisational must have the practices of doing work more ethically which leads them to do the business fair.Its just a ensuring the current news of market,collecting information which helps the organization what to do next for the company. Information Ownership: This states that,the information which has been given or the data by whom it is made must be responsible.Suppose if he/she makes a report that must be legal and valid company wont take the risk of fraudness if then he/she will face the penalties. HOW HAS IT BEEN MARKETED : Guitars are our passion. Since 1975 has created numerous iconic inistruments for legendary players. Spanning every genre of music. Our decades of experience in the design and manufacture guitars and basses has allowed us to provide the best options for us as a player. Bangladesh is now rich in music. ESP one of the best quality full guitar so many legend are using ESP guitar and buying from Bangladesh. In 1990 ESP guitar 1st time entered in Bangladeshi musical market.And day by day ESP guitar popular to the Bangladeshi musician just because good quality and good sound. HOW EFFECTIVE WAS THE MARKET: Esp guitar give us best quality guitar sound in low prices. Day by day Bangladeshi musician buying ESP guitar from Bangladeshi musical market. ESP guitar provide highest quality attractive look impressive performance. And they made best guitars thatà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s why ESP guitars to much effective to the customers and the market.The ESP guitar features a basswood body. And a bolt on naple neek with roseswood fretboard providing comfort and speed. Sawtooth inbyes and black hardware complement the rest of the ESP guitar look perfectly. A double locking.ESP guitars tuners ensure that spot on on im tune every key. ESP guitar so much effective in market because ensure the snakeebyte was ready for wild and aggressive players. HOW DOSE THE BUSINESS MEASURE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF ITS MARKETING : Esp guitars provide best guitars comparing to others. ESP guitars give us better customer services to comparing others guitars company. Thatà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s why ESP guitar calculating profit.And other guitar company calculating lose. Day by day customers demand getting higher popularty getting incrassed gradually. Customers thinking more about ESP and buying ESP.Because ESP guitar full fill customers choice customers demand and making good product for customers. Thatà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s why day by day ESP guitar market getting higher. And customars also happy with buying ESP guitars. P6 Explain the operational issues in relation to the use information : Business have to mange,store and collect lots of information. Information system have two principals issues of ensuring that one is that organization recive information.A number of of policies and procedures have to be put in place. Concerning security of information.Health and safety,backup,business continuance plan,cost and increasing sophistication. Health and safety: The health and safety(Display screen equipment)Regulations 1992 this is the minimum requipment laid down in this schedules.The equipment and the interface between the computer and oparetor. Another is the mangment of health and safety at work regulations.Every employer shall provide his employees with his comprehensible. Backups: Which can be then easily backed up later.these are the operational issuses which are stores on separate hardware from live versions of the information. Cost: Company always think about their profit.Many aspects of information mangment can cost money,which cannot be bear by all, therefore, a question will there be any profit expening on the things like small , copies of electronic information on a remote server.Thats why the business main two consideration. Cost of development : Company think about the product.And company need to improve themselves or not. Additional resourse needed: Makes the company think about any new staff or employee need or not. Business continuance plan: Company always thinking about the product existence. It is also considering about the problem risks to the company to hot water about the personal data. And they are always storing in their Recommendations ESP first should justify about the potential customers. Though, the brand is mainly targeted the heavy metal, black metal ,trash metal . But they must be very careful about maintaining the customers. ESP should develop the product quality according to the difference from the competitors. And if there no strong solid pints then the customers wonà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t choose the product and the sales will not be up to the expectations. On TV it has been well advertised but they should highlight the information on the newspaper, radio and billboard advertising which is not up to the satisfactory. They should change the distribution system of the brand. And they should create a hope in the peopleà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s mind that they can distribute the product at any time any where. They should also fulfill the lacking in the organization. Conclusion ESP is operating its Alexi and Ltd brand in a very competitive saturated market. IN this market consumers are not well aware of the brands operating and only two or three brands have top of the mind positioning. This is very tough to make a separate positioning in the market and create certain points of differences. ESP brand has positioned well in the market. Still, Alexi brand could positioned in a better way since ESP has a good corporate image and financial backup as well. They should also focus on the competitors are doing. In this respect price is the most important issue. ESP should try to minimize its production cost of Alexi and try to sell it at lowest it at lowest possible price as the entire competing brand selling the product of almost same benefit. Consumers are likely to consider price as the decision making tool when they buy. So, price should get highest priority when it is set. References Anon, (2014). Anon, (2014). . SN Topic Pages 1. Chapter 1: Introduction 1 i. Introduction 2. Chapter 2: Background of the Study 2 i. Objectives of the Study ii. Methodology iii. Limitation of the Study 3. Chapter 3: Organization Overview 3-5 i. Corporate Information ii. Organization Structure iii. Objective of à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"Xà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ iv. Missions v. Vision vi. Products and Services 4. Chapter 4: Analysis and Findings 6-13 i. P1 ii. P2 iii. P5 iv. P6 5. Chapter 5: Recommendation 14 6. Chapter 6: Conclusion 15 7. Chapter 7: References Bibliography 16 Introduction Business communication is the sharing of information between people within an organization that is performed for the commercial benefit of an organistaion which relays information within a business or a function as an official statement from a company. It can also be refer as internal communication that takes place within the organization. There are two types of business communication in an organization. Internal communication. External communication. Internal Communication The communication that is being within the organization is called à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Internal communicationà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ . It can be any type informal, formal function, or department providing communication in various forms to employees. External Communication The communication which is related outside the organization is called à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“External Organizationà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ . Supervisors communicate with sources outside the organization, such as customers. It leads to both sales volume and company profits.

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Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children Essay - 1354 Words

To begin with, child abuse in general is horrible. No child should ever be treated this way. Today I would like to talk about how extreme child abuse forever marked Susan Wiley, best known as â€Å"Genie.† In addition to that I would like to talk about the different types of child abuse and how children are affected by this. Last but not least, I would also like to talk about how we can prevent and stop child abuse. I believe that children are the most innocent people in this world, and that they are the most that suffer. Child abuse seems to be ongoing problem in modern society. In today’s society abuse is known in many ways. There are many different types of abuse like for example economic abuse, sexual abuse, child abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, academic abuse, emotional abuse, and the list goes on and on. But what is abuse? Abuse means treatment with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. So if you apply â€Å"abuse† in all these subg roup the meaning changes to that specific subgroup. Today we are going to focus on child abuse. Child abuse is horrible but still happens day to day. The children who are victim of child abuse, can be physically abused by caregiver or anyone who is in charge of them. Some of the signs of physical abuse are burns and contusions. These are identified by the doctor; Contusions can be pinching, hitting, and slamming the child. Burns can be from cigarettes or an iron (Bogut,2015,p. 21). You may ask why a child has to go throughShow MoreRelatedThe Effects Of Child Abuse On Children935 Words   |  4 PagesChild abuse has been an issue in America since the beginning of time, but lately there has gradually been an increase in reported incidents of abuse. There are several types of child abuse that are present in today’s society. The different types of abuse include physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Of the different maltreatment types, four-fifths (78.3%) of unique victims were n eglected, 17.6 percent were physically abused, 9.2 percent were sexually abused, 8.1 percent were psychologically maltreatedRead MoreChild Abuse And Its Effects On Children Essay1489 Words   |  6 Pagesindividuals corrected. However, there are cases that have not been solved or not stopped by the law. Child abuse is common. Child abuse can be caused by a variety of reasons. Scientist have been studying and they have some ideas on what prompt people to harm children (Ian Hacking). They are trying to end child abuse, but there is so much they can do. Many children abuse incidents are not reported. Child abuse may have many causes as in way the abuser does it. One specific factor is the background of theRead MoreChild Abuse And Its Effects On Children913 Words   |  4 Pagesseveral types of abuse, there’s physical, emotional, verbal and several others abuses. But the abuse I would like to focus on is child abuse. Domestic violence towards children is important because ther e is a way to prevent it from happening. Typical parents and caregivers do not intend to abuse their children. Abuse is mainly directed toward the behaviors that are given off towards one another. Author David Gil defines child abuse as an occurrence where a caretaker injures a child, not by accidentRead MoreChild Abuse Is An Effect On Children1657 Words   |  7 PagesIn 2010 according to the census bureau there were 74,100,000 U.S children between the ages of 0-17 being abused and 3.3 million referrals. This effected on average 1-10 U.S families and children, there were more than 32,200,000 U.S families with children under the age of 18 according to the 2010 census bureau. From the 3.3 million hotline calls in 2010 there were less than 475,000 sustained cases (2010 NCANDS: 436,321 sustained +24,976 indicated = 461,297 total) resulting in about 15% of hotlineRead MoreChild Abuse And Its Effects On Children1317 Words   |  6 PagesChild abuse has long been an ongoing social probl em; this abuse has been one of the repeatedly difficult accusations to prove in our criminal justice system. Child abuse causes many years of suffering for victims. Children abused suffer from chemical imbalances, behavioral issues and are at high risk for becoming abusers or being abused in adult relationships. This cycle of learned behavior and suffering will be a hopeless reoccurring problem unless the criminal justice system and protocols for abusersRead MoreChild Abuse And Its Effects On Children1488 Words   |  6 Pages â€Æ' In addressing child abuse we are confronted with a series of problems. On the one hand, there is a lack of the true extent of the phenomenon because no data are available and that the issue, often refers to the most intimate spaces of family life. Furthermore, cultural and historical traditions affect the way each society faces this problem. Finally, there are varying opinions as to its definition and classification, as well as the consequences of child abuse may have and its subsequent therapeuticRead MoreChild Abuse And Its Effects On Children1263 Words   |  6 Pages Child Abuse Child abuse is any behavior which, by action or omission, produces physical or psychological damage to a person less than 18 years, affecting the development of his personality. In homes, it is believed that the most effective way to educate children is using the abuse. This form of punishment it used as an instrument of correction and moral training strategy as it is the first and most persistent justification of damage and maltreated mothers parents inflict on their children. SocietyRead MoreChild Abuse And Its Effects On Children1160 Words   |  5 PagesMost parents and other caregivers do not intend to hurt their children, but abuse is defined by the effect on the child, not the motivation of the parents or caregiver. Tens of thousands of children each year are traumatized by physical, sexual, and emotional abusers or by caregivers who neglect them, making child abuse as common as it is shocking. Most of us can’t imagine what would make an adult use violence against a child, and the worse the behavior is, the more unimaginable it seems. ButRead MoreChild Abuse And Its Effects On Children1227 Words   |  5 Pagesreports of child abuse are made involving more than 6 million children. The United States has one of the worst records of child abuse losing 4-7 children a day to the abuse. Abuse is when any behavior or action that is used to scare, harm, threaten, control or intimidate another person. Child abuse is a behavior outside the norms of conduct and entails substantial risk of causing physical or emotional harm. There are four main types of child abuse; physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, andRead MoreChild Abuse And Its Effects On Children1132 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Child abuse takes many different forms. Including physical, sexual, emotional, or neglect of a children by parents, guardians, or others responsible for a child s welfare. Regardless of the type of abuse, the child’s devolvement is greatly impacted. The child’s risk for emotional, behavioral, academic, social, and physical problems in life increase. According to the Child Maltreatment Report by the Children’s Bureau (1999) the most common form of child abuse in the United States is

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Political Poetry by Margaret Atwood Essay - 1035 Words

Backdrop addresses cowboy by Margaret Atwood Creating a masterful poetic movement through the American mythos, Atwood skewers manifest destiny by embodying the voice of the Other, the discarded I am. Writing political poetry that artfully confronts dominant ideology – thus exposing the motivation and effects of misrepresentation – is a difficult challenge. The process can easily be derailed by temptations to write strident, overly didactic verse that elevates sentiment above nuance and craft. While passion is certainly important, it is the poem itself that transforms political intent into a dynamic act of oppositional literature. To be effective as a statement, it must first be effective as a poem. In Backdrop addresses cowboy,†¦show more content†¦Regarded as a heroic figure by the myth of manifest destiny, he is conversely seen as a reckless tyrant by those who suffer the effects of his violence. The first stanza reveals a comic figure - Starspangled cowboy sauntering through his child-like fantasy while pulling a prop from the Hollywood simulacrum that supports his myth. Atwood complicates this image in the second stanza when she introduces violence to h er almost- /silly characterization of the mythical West. Using a line break to accentuate the transition, she plays the impact of a stand-alone line against the expanded meaning of its grammatical context. Isolated, line six (you are innocent as a bathtub) relates directly to the opening stanza’s child-like caricature, forming an aphoristic trope that is both interesting and oddly mundane. Accentuated by the break, the line’s reading adds dramatic nuance when its sentence unfolds into a broader meaning: you are innocent as a bathtub / filled with bullets. Contrasting the ironic character of opposed readings (innocent and not-at-all-innocent) within the space of shared words, Atwood foreshadows an overall conceptual structure in which backdrop refers both to the simulacrum of Hollywood sets and to the genuine environment of a beleaguered world. Despite its obvious quantitative reference, bathtub / filled with bullets also infers a Hollywood clichà © – the bullet -riddledShow MoreRelatedThe Life and Achievements of Margaret Eleanor Atwood Essay1687 Words   |  7 PagesMargaret Eleanor Atwood, one of the most acclaimed and idolized writers’ to date. Atwood was born in Ottawa, Ontario, on November 18th, 1939 in the Ottawa General Hospital. Two and a half months after the beginning of the Second World War (Atwood). She is a renowned novelist and poet; furthermore writer of short stories, critical studies, screenplays, radio scripts and books for children (Gale). Margaret Atwood is a living inspiration to many writers today. Atwood is a fiction, and non-fiction writerRead MoreMargaret Atwood : A Social Activist1225 Words   |  5 PagesMargaret Atwood: a Social Activist Through Feminist Literature The 1980s signified the continuation of an era of social and political upheaval in the United States of America. At the forefront was a socially conservative agenda that aimed to rescind women’s rights only ratified less than a decade before, a marked display of the nation’s desire to uphold traditional values that defined the preceding generation (Franà §oise). Among the devastating political climate, however, was Margaret Atwood:Read MoreEssay on Feminist Ideas in Margaret Atwoods The Handmaids Tale1199 Words   |  5 PagesFeminist Ideas in Margaret Atwoods The Handmaids Tale For this essay, we focused strictly on critics reactions to Margaret Atwoods The Handmaids Tale. For the most part, we found two separate opinions about The Handmaids Tale, concerning feminism. One opinion is that it is a feminist novel, and the opposing opinion that it is not. Feminism: A doctrine advocating social, political, and economic rights for women equal to those of men as recorded in Websters Dictionary. This topic is prevalentRead MoreFeminism And The Feminist Theory1942 Words   |  8 PagesLiterature and Composition 10 June 2015 Feminist Theory Research Paper Though feminism and the feminist theory are often construed as the same philosophy, the two are related, yet different concepts. Feminism is defined as, â€Å"the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes† (Merriam Webster Dictionary). In turn, a feminist is an individual who believes that men and women should be equal politically, economically, culturally, and socially (Definitions of Branches of Feminist)Read MoreFeminism In The Handmaids Tale1709 Words   |  7 Pagescreated by men, with the complicity of women† (â€Å"Margaret (Eleanor) Atwood†). The separation of the freedoms between the genders created female victimization through â€Å"sexual exploitation, isolation, and compelled ignorance that accompany severe economic and political powerlessness† (Merriman). In Margaret Atwood’s, The Handmaid’s Tale, taking place in the imaginary Republic of Gilead, Atwood displays the theme of women in a restrictive soci ety. Margaret Atwood, a Canadian author, was born on November 18Read MoreThe Power Of Myth Debuted On Pbs2126 Words   |  9 Pagesnext. He can be confused, villainous, heroic and kind at once. And it is in our ancient myths that many writers find the core of the human struggle to make sense of the world and to find one s role — in short, a roadmap to the human psyche. Margaret Atwood: Myths lay out pretty clearly what is on the human smorgasbord: what we want, what we fear, what we would like to have, what we would very much not like to have. Those human fears and human desires really have not changed, and they re reflectedRead MoreMargaret Atwood s An End Of Audience? Essay1924 Words   |  8 Pageswithout communication? Communities are made of people from all around the world, people with different backgrounds and upbringings, which leads to miscommunication throughout everyday life. The function of communication is a commonly debated topic, Margaret Atwood’s, â€Å"An End to Audience?† She focuses on the concept that writing is in danger of becoming extinct due to the miscommunication among cultures. Dean Barnlund’s, â€Å"Communication in a Global Village,† the main focus is on the cultural integrationRead MoreLiterary Art And Creative Writing1350 Words   |  6 Pagesstart to come? . Writers are similar to artist, as they are compelled to express themselves and helps make art out of everyday, ordinary moments. Writers produce various forms of literary art and creative writing such as novels, short stories, poetry, plays, screenplays, and essays as well as various  reports and news articles that may be of interest to the public. They create written works in a wide range of literary genres and can be classified as poets, novelists, journalists, critics,Read MorePoems: City Planners15330 Words   |  62 PagesThe Poems analysed are: The City Planners, Margaret Atwood and The Planners, Boey Kim Cheng. These are taken from the IGCSE Cambridge Poetry Anthology, but may be interesting for unseen poetry too. Question Set How do these poets use language and structure to get across their theme? I wrote this in about half an hour. Both poems are very similar, and have the same topic - City Planning - as shown in their titles. Structurally, they are different though, and the tone differs in places. IveRead Morei am not that woman by kishwar naheed2795 Words   |  12 Pagesbecause of the uncensored voicing of her fight against her society. Being a part of the partition of subcontinent, Naheed witnessed harassment against women and its effect is greatly reflected as we see women subjugation the main focus of Naheed’s poetry. Naheed’s poems â€Å"I Am Not That Woman† and â€Å"The Grass Is Really Like Me† voice the lack of dignity and respect felt by the females and how they come to terms with it. Feminism being Naheed’s forte is the main theme of the two poems. Naheed highlights

Economic Phenomenon Analysis with Examples for Demand and Supply Model

Question: Describe about the Demand and Supply Analysis for Economic Phenomenon ? Answer: Introduction Demand is an Economic Phenomenon that refers to the want of consumer and a price that the consumer is willing to pay for a particular services and goods. Keeping other factors constant, when the price of any good increases, demand for that good will decline (Colander, 2006). So, there is a negative relation between price and quantity demanded. The demand function can be written as: P= f (Qd), where Qd= Quantity demanded and P= Price. In Economics, Supply is a fundamental concept that refers to the entire goods and services which are available to customers at a specific price. Other things remain equal when the price of any particular good increases then suppliers will produce more goods to fulfill their objective of profit maximization. Thus, there is a positive relation between these two. The supply function can be written as: P= f (Qs), where Qs= Quantity supplied and P= Price (Slavin, 2008). Hence, one can get market equilibrium where demand and supply matches. In this point, market price, demand, and supply are stable; but sometimes it can be seen that product allocation is not efficient in the market, that is, the existence of imaginable result where a person can be better off but not making anybody worse off. In this situation, quantity demand and quantity supplied are not equal due to lack of possible factor which prevent the equilibrium (Zhang, 2015). In the next part, the researcher can describe all possible reasons of market failures and also determine the gold price by considering the analysis of demand, supply, and market failure. Also, he will try to find the negative externality that arises for the use of the personal car. Investigation of Market Failure by using Demand and Supply analysis Demand refers to the desire of buyers and a price that the buyers are willing to pay for a particular services and goods. Supply is an economic phenomenon that refers to the entire goods and services which are available to customers at a specific price. Considering these two, one can say that market equilibrium occurs where demand and supply coincide with each other (Frank, 2010). In figure 1, market equilibrium is shown. In the horizontal axis, quantity is shown and in the vertical axis price is shown. Figure: 1 In this figure, P* and Q* are the equilibrium price and quantity respectively. Causes of Market Failure Sometimes it can be seen that free market cannot allocate the scarce resources in an efficient manner. It occurs due to some reasons like negative externalities, monopoly power, etc. which are explained below. Allocative and productive inefficiency When the markets cannot allocate and produce possible scarce resources in an effective manner, then there may be a chance of market failure (Krugman, 2014). Missing markets When the markets fail to form, there is a chance of market failure; because it cannot meet the willingness for public goods (highways, lights on road etc.) Negative externalities This term refers to the cost that suffers the third party resulting from economic deals. In any economic deals, the first party and the second party are customers and producers and the third party may be any individual or any company who are affected by the externalities. In this case, producers, as well as consumers, fail to determine the effects on the third party for the actions taken by them. For example, pollution is created by the industries and it affects the individual or the society. Information failure The markets may not serve all possible information during market deals. So, another party may not have an interest in the transaction. This will lead to a market failure. Inequality Sometimes, the markets also fail to manage the huge gap among earners. This is known as Income-gap. In market deals, both producers and consumers are benefited with profits and incomes respectively. But the main problem is that benefits are concentrated among very few people which leads to market failure. Instability in markets The unstable market situations also lead to market failure. Sometimes it can be seen, stable market equilibrium cannot be established in volatile market structure (Share market, foreign exchange markets etc.). Monopoly Power Monopoly power is another reason of market failure. Monopolists have full control over price. They set the price according to the objective of profit maximization. This high prices may create market failure (Sunderasan, 2012). To determine the gold price, the researcher should determine the market failure. Determination of gold price By considering the trading, mining, recycling and selling the metals, it is highly important to understand the pricing of the metals. But this is not so easier to value the metals. In this part, according to the question, the researcher will determine the Gold. To determine the gold price, some questions should be answered, those are: what is called fixing, who sets the price of gold, what are future price and sports price, etc. What are Fixings? The fixing is done in a daily basis and it is an agreement among individuals on the similar sides in any market to sell or buy gold at a fixed price or managing the market states that is how the price is determined by the intersection of supply and demand. Throughout the process when orders are adjusted, there is ups and downs in the price level of gold. This process will continue until the orders are fulfilled and the price level is fixed. In March 2015, the London Gold Fix had discontinued and then replaced by LBMA price of gold. ICE Business Administration is known as IBA and had selected as administrator of LBMA price of gold (Shafiee and Topal, 2010). An electronic auction method is organized by IBA to evaluate the LBMA gold price. It is administered and traded in an independent manner. Sometimes the auction is physically and electronically settled and it is conducted in dollars with anonymous and aggregated offers as well as is being published in real time. The LBMA price of gold is set two times in a business day in US dollars. Figure: 2 Source: (MALI, 2014) Factors that help in determining the gold price Gold is used as a consumer good. By examining previous data, it can be suggested that UK has more interests in gold among all metals and it has indicated that the demand of gold in the UK has increased over the years. When an economic progress of the country is in boom then it increases the disposable income of people and demand for gold among people is rising day by day. Being a luxury material, the Golds income elasticity of demand is greater than 1 and it describes that a rise in income increases demands gold among people. A higher income will lead to higher demand of gold which increases the demand for gold at a higher rate (Parsons, 2010). Investment of gold is also considered in this section. For profitable investment purposes, Gold can be used as the very important metal. The retention rate of gold also remains high during inflation. So, suppliers, producers or individual use this metal in their investment purposes. Individuals store gold for bad times. From 2006, the gold price moved up as investment demand was keep rising. Another factor can be the value of the dollar which can determine the price of gold. In international trade, US dollar is used as supreme currency. There is a negative relationship between gold value and dollar value. In September 2014, the dollar index of US had increased by 2 units, and thus, buying of gold was considered as strong dollar because many options of purchasing were there (MALI, 2014). Many countries control the exchange rate in terms of dollars for its huge worldwide demand. Generally, individuals are confident enough and have higher tendency to buy USD assets. But the negative side of USD assets is that those are over exposed than gold. So, households preferred gold for investment. People were more confident about gold because paper currencies are more volatile in nature. Figure: 3 Another determinant is interest rate which affect the gold price. The positive side of gold is that this metal does not have to bear any interest rate, but it affects the global interest sometimes during fluctuations. The gold price will fall when the interest increases because investors will choose another option of investment by selling gold to gather reserves. When the rate of interest starts falling, there is a tendency that price of gold will increase and this will lead to increase the holding of gold than cash because gold holding will lead very low cost (Baur, 2014). The gold price may be affected for inflation too. By holding investment, this metal works to prevent the rate inflation. The paper currencies are volatile in nature and the value is decreasing over the years but the gold value is increasing day by day. In the long run, investment of Gold is considered as a stable investment option because Gold is associated with low risk compared to paper currencies. Even after 50 years, the paper currencies can retain its value but in reality, the situation is not the same. So, individual and households try to invest gold rather than the paper currency which affect the price of gold. In this context, it can be said that investors are motivated to invest more in gold during hyperinflation and less in paper currencies as gold serves hedge against inflation (Yaacob and Ahmad, 2014). It is known that Gold is often used as the substitute of the stock market. Although the purchasing of shares has many positive sides as shares give a higher return and help to increase the growth. But in an economic recession, the value of shares has decreased. Hence, risk-averse investors will prefer to buy gold instead of shares because invest in gold will give a positive return and this is safe for them. This speculative nature is also a helpful measure to determine the gold price. Variations in Gold supply affects the price of gold. According to the law of supply, the gold price can be determined that is a sharp rise in production of gold, the price is of gold will fall and vice versa. In this context, it can be said the supply of gold is stable in the economy. The countries who have effective supply generally have lower prices and vice versa. The variations in price will occur due to variations in gold demand and supply. Thus, it can be concluded that the law of supply and demand used as a major factor in determining the prices of gold worldwide. Negative Externalities due to the uses of personal cars Two kinds of externalities can be seen: negative externality and positive externality. This term refers to the cost that suffers the third party resulting from economic deals. In any economic deals, the first party and the second party are customers and producers and the third party may be any individual or any company who are affected by the externalities. It considers that when manufacturing firms are using some old technologies, then the third party may be negatively hampered. Rationally, these costs are not included in the economic cost. Thus, one should identify the costs properly (Acharya and Bisin, 2011). Figure: 4 The effects of negative externality are not only on the owner, but it also affects those who are generally not associated with the externality of goods producing. The results of these externalities are situations resulting in market failure. Negative Externalities are triggers of third party effects. Negative Externalities generally takes place out of market i.e. they affect people not involved directly with the production or consumption of goods or services. Spill-over costs are the other name by which they are known. When demand for cars increases, there is also an increasing supply of cars by different firms in the market. High demand of cars will produce large scale pollution which negatively affected the society as well as those people like street shopkeepers, individuals who are going to work etc. Air pollution that is made daily by the cars smokes which adversely affect the health of people (Baofu, 2012). There is a larger probability of a rise in urban flooding which is made from negative externality. Urban flooding in every year may arise due to the high desire for roads by personal cars. This reduces the soaking capacity of the areas where the cars are used most and thus, in rainy season frequent flooding in urban areas can be seen. Congestion is another negative externality arising from the personal use of the car.Congestion is not limited to road network but negative externality arises by congestion due to personal cars is also evident in busy transport networks as well as crowded areas.There is the classical excess in demand situation compared to supply for the personal cars by households where each household wants its own personal car. When there is an increase in income, there is a large demand for personal cars which is a luxury good, since people want to buy more cars as income increases. As space on the busiest platforms and on the crowded trains is limited and small the demand for cars also increases (Nagler, 2013). The congestion which is made by personal cars can increase the problems for commuters and this can cause increasing problems like people cannot reach their destination on proper time due to congestion on roads. Traffic congestion is another negative externality that is faced by other individuals on the road (Centemeri, 2009). In a free market structure, individuals are taken into account their own benefits and the consumption level will take place where MPB=MPC. Consumers net benefit is maximized under this condition. However, this is not the socially optimal level of road space should be attained at MSB=MSC. The main reason behind it that there are negative externalities which are linked with the higher utilization of roads. The overuse of limited space in a free market creates a complete deadweight loss for society. Cars create noise as well which is a direct effect. Noise pollution is another types of a negative externality that can arise from the high use of cars. It can be seen that a large number of cars and they honk in traffic in a daily basis and this traffic is disturbing for the individuals that the people work on the both sides of the road. In this context, it can be said that government can reduce the negative externalities in many ways like it can impose a tax on noise pollution or air pollution, can charge costs from car owners. This remedies can be discussed below. To reduce the negative externalities, the government can charge costs of creating congestion. This can be an effective measure because when individual cars made more traffic, they have to pay a large amount to the government. This is one of the best policy from demand side to reduce congestion on limited size roads. This policy was implemented by Singapore for the first time and they also took some effective measures on road pricing (Chen, 2010). Advanced methods of electronic toll collection can be helpful to reduce the uses of personal cars. These useful measures have also been implemented in Rome and London and it can be seen that there was a noticeable improvement in congestion among these countries. Another way of pricing on congestion can be the rationing of road space. Road size rationing an effective method that stringent rules for car drivers and it is the better option than congestion pricing (NAGLER, 2011). Conclusion In conclusion, the researcher can that demand and supply analysis is seen in determining the price of gold. There are various factors like investment in gold, stock and share prices, consumption of gold, interest rate, inflation etc. which play a crucial role to determine the gold price. Gold price is determined in terms of USD as in exchange rate market, countries are comfortable to take it. The researcher also comes to know about the term Externality. Here, market failure analysis can be used to discuss the negative externality (Centemeri, 2009). The negative externality can be seen in the higher use of personal cars as it creates smokes which lead to air pollution. It also leads to noise pollution because cars are honking in the traffic. But there are some solutions to overcome the negative externalities by imposing a tax, road size rationing etc. References Colander, D. (2006). Microeconomics. Boston, Mass.: McGraw-Hill. Frank, R. (2010). Microeconomics and behavior. New York: McGraw-Hill Irwin. Slavin, S. (2008). Microeconomics. Boston, Mass.: McGraw-Hill. Zhang, W. (2015). Reflections on economics: market failure or market theory failure?. China Economic Journal, 8(2), pp.109-121. Acharya, V. and Bisin, A. (2011). Counterparty risk externality. Cambridge, Mass.: National Bureau of Economic Research. Baofu, P. (2012). Future of post-human semantics. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Pub. Baur, D. (2014). Gold mining companies and the price of gold. Review of Financial Economics, 23(4), pp.174-181. Centemeri, L. (2009). Environmental Damage as Negative Externality: Uncertainty, Moral Complexity and the Limits of the Market. e-cadernos CES, (05). Chen, S. (2010). The Game Analysis of Negative Externality of Environmental Logistics and Government Regulation. AMR, 113-116, pp.263-266. Krugman, P. (2014). Microeconomics. [Place of publication not identified]: Worth Pub. MALI, P. (2014). FLUCTUATION OF GOLD PRICE IN INDIA VERSUS GLOBAL CONSUMER PRICE INDEX. Fractals, 22(01n02), p.1450004. Nagler, M. (2013). The Strategic Significance of Negative Externalities. Managerial and Decision Economics, 35(4), pp.247-257. NAGLER, M. (2011). NEGATIVE EXTERNALITIES, COMPETITION AND CONSUMER CHOICE*. The Journal of Industrial Economics, 59(3), pp.396-421. Shafiee, S., and Topal, E. (2010). An overview of the global gold market and gold price forecasting. Resources Policy, 35(3), pp.178-189. Sunderasan, S. (2012). Externality. New York: Nova Publishers. Yaacob, S. and Ahmad, S. (2014). Return to Gold-Based Monetary System: Analysis Based on Gold Price and Inflation. Asian Social Science, 10(7). Parsons, J. E., (2010). Black gold and fool's gold: speculation in the oil futures market. Economia, 10(2), pp. 81-116.